Education Officials Visit Oakland Unity

Photo submitted by Principal David Castillo.

Education Officials from Contra Costa County visited Oakland Unity (an independent public charter school), the highest performing high school in the Oakland Unified School District.  The school has a 96% attendance rate for the past 6 school years with 94% graduating and 74% accepted to 4-year universities/colleges.

CCC Board of Education Trustee Cynthia Ruehlig (4th from left) and Antioch Unified School District Trustee Walter Ruehlig (behind) toured the campus to meet with students and faculty members, examine data and observe classes.

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Ruehligs in Oakland

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  1. Novena says:

    Ccc education father an daughter left contra costa to seek out an profile with Oaklands school. Why? CCC school children are failing. The wife works for CPS so many childern are displaced by way of dropouts juvi, how not to address the issues in your own house before making big in someone eles. This totally makes no sense. Please donot question or they send cps for your child ccc will lie have you placed in jail.
    No county should let them step foot into thier dist. Till they fix home school k.thru12 and produce real service in special education. If you find your child placed in a special ed class please have a minor cons.Att look at his hers IEP If you are having problems from the school re your child request a SST and a IEP meeting. Testing is to be proided and services. Whats wrong with this picture in OAKLAND??


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