BART general manager resigns; search for new GM begins Thursday

Gets to take almost $1 million with her

“Under Dorothy’s professional and dedicated leadership, BART has achieved a proud record of success on many fronts.” – BART Director Joel Keller

From BART, 4/13/2011

Tomorrow the BART Board of Directors will officially begin the process of searching for a new general manager, following the resignation of BART General Manager Dorothy Dugger. Dugger turned in her resignation letter to the BART Board of Directors this morning.

After spending nearly 19 years at BART, including the last four years as the general manager and 13 years as deputy general manager, Dugger’s last day on the job will be Friday, April 22.

“It has been a challenging, exciting and professionally rewarding experience to lead a great organization that provides a vitally important service to the people of the Bay Area every day,” Dugger said.  “I am extremely proud of all that we have achieved and BART’s strong record of accomplishment.  This record of achievement was possible with the outstanding support of the entire organization. I want to thank BART’s talented and dedicated employees for their exemplary work during these past years.”

“On behalf of the BART Board, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Dorothy for her tireless work and lifelong dedication to public service,” BART Board President Bob Franklin said.

The Board appointed Dugger to the agency’s top spot on August 23, 2007 – making her the agency’s eighth general manager and its first female to lead the agency.

“Under Dorothy’s professional and dedicated leadership, BART has achieved a proud record of success on many fronts,” BART Director Joel Keller said. “We have weathered the worst economic period in our history without layoffs or a reduction in core service, due in part to historic changes negotiated in our last labor contract; our $1.2 billion earthquake safety program is on schedule and under budget; service expansions are underway in three important transportation corridors; and the first phase of replacement of BART’s fleet of train cars is moving forward.”

Board to meet in closed session Thursday to begin search for new GM
The BART Board of Directors will meet tomorrow in closed session during a special meeting to consider naming an interim general manager.  At that time the Board will also discuss the parameters for the search for a permanent general manager.

Dorothy Dugger Quick Facts:

  • Eighth BART general manager
  • First female general manager
  • Began at BART in 1992
  • Thirteen years as deputy general manager
  • Four years as general manager
  • Two years as executive manager, External Affairs
  • Nineteen years with BART

Terms of resignation agreement:

BART General Manager Dorothy Dugger and the BART Board of Directors reached a mutual agreement whereby BART will pay Dorothy Dugger $958,000 and Dugger would resign effective April 22, 2011.  The $958,000 settlement is comprised of:

  • Approximately $600,000, the cost to BART of Dugger’s severance package had she been terminated
  • $350,000 to ensure a smooth transition and to avoid any litigation between the parties

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