Antioch Crime Down So Far This Year

By the Office of the Interim Chief of Police Allan Cantando

The City of Antioch has been and is still facing a serious fiscal crisis due to the severe recession that has devastated our state and national economies. The reduction in City services has been dramatic and the Police Department has 27 vacant police officer positions that cannot be filled. The Police Department was also forced to eliminate and lay off 20 Community Service Officers as well as additional support staff from the Police Department.

The City of Antioch and the Antioch Police Department are proud of the work being accomplished by the men and women of the Police Department and are extremely proud of the partnerships that have been forged with members of the community. Despite the doom and gloom of the current economic conditions, during the first quarter of this year we are glad to report a reduction in violent and property crimes!

Violent crime has gone down 18.8%

Excluding arson, property crime has gone down 9.5%

There can be countless reasons for crime reduction, but we can attest to the fact that much of the success in reducing our crime during this first quarter is a direct result of the tireless efforts of the men and women of the Antioch Police Department and the involvement of our citizens at large.

The City of Antioch has been nationally recognized for its exceptional level of partnership between its Police Department and the community, and will continue to work closely with the community to make Antioch a safer community.

PART 1 Violent Crime as reported to the FBI for their Uniform Crime Report.

PART 1 Property Crime as reported to the FBI for their Uniform Crime Report.

Our collective goal at the Antioch Police Department is to work collaboratively with City residents to promote safe, crime-free, environments so residents can live in peace and safely raise their families.

Protecting our City and its residents needs more than just a dedicated police force—it requires a community partnership. We couldn’t have realized the successes we have without caring citizens being willing to take an active role in helping us make a difference in their neighborhoods and City as a whole.

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Property Crime Chart

Violent Crime Chart

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