Woman Arrested for Sex With a Minor

Nicole Bradburn

In January the Antioch Police Department began investigating the report of an inappropriate sexual relationship between a 14 year old male and a 30 year old female, Nicole Bradburn.  Bradburn met the 14 year old through her teenage daughter. 

The victim’s parents became suspicious at the amount of time he was spending with Bradburn, and at one point even obtained a temporary restraining order against her, according to police.  Bradburn had convinced the victim that she was “in love” with him, and therefore he would not admit to the relationship. 

It was not until the victim’s father discovered an incriminating text message from Bradburn, that he finally admitted an on-going sexual relationship that started in October, 2010, police said.

Last week detectives served a search warrant at Bradburn’s Antioch house and arrested her. On 3/21/2011 the DA’s office charged Bradburn with 27 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. She is being held at Martinez County Jail on $1,675,000 bail.

The Antioch Police strongly believe there could be other victims. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Danielle Joannides at (925) 779-6931.

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Nicole Bradburn

7 Comments to “Woman Arrested for Sex With a Minor”

  1. TristanAsbert says:

    shes my moms friends boyfriends ex so i know her sorta. i met her kids last night.. her daughter broke my heart…

  2. Gina says:

    My hearts go out to both families. I know Nicole grew up with her since jr high. One of the most kind hearted girls you can meet. She has gone through alot in life. All I can say is parents always put your children first, selfishness to still have fun and not look at life as is ment to be. Results in alot of lost souls always looking for happiness in the wrong places. Please keep prayer in the home where it belongs. And put faith where it sound be in our hearts. Teach our kids…. What needs to be taught and love one another.

  3. Nicole says:

    There’s no praying that will help her. [portion of comment deleted] What is wrong with these sick people

    • Publisher says:

      Ms. Veles,
      We had to edit your comment due to potential libel, slander and defamation of character issues regarding the statements you made about Ms. Bradburn and her relative, to whom you referred. However, if you can provide us with proof that your claims are true, we’ll post the rest of your comment. We attempted to email you about this, but the email address you provided does not work.
      Thank you for your understanding.
      Allen Payton

  4. Nicole says:

    Robert joe Kline is all over the Internet for doing the same thing. That’s her husband. He was getting young girls drunk and taking advantage of them. That’s on megans law and is not a lie.

  5. Nicole says:

    Megans law you will see them on there

  6. Nicole says:

    Nicole is back in jail. She was seeing the young boy again. How stupid can you be.

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