Antioch Citizen Helps Police Nab Graffiti Suspects

Graffiti is not Art – Graffiti is a Crime

3/18/11 – from the Antioch Police Department

Graffiti is a crime and often symptomatic of other social problems. Graffiti often leads to a feeling of reduced safety and pride in the community, which in turn leads to further crime. For many communities combating graffiti is a problematic and costly issue. The Police Department alone cannot solve the graffiti problem. Graffiti is a community issue and the Police Department is just one part of the solution.

The community at large and more specifically, caring neighbors and members of neighborhood watch groups have assumed a more significant role in getting involved in reporting the acts of vandalism they witness.

Just today, another caring and observant resident witnessed an act of vandalism at the Dallas Ranch Park which is located on Prewett Ranch Drive. The resident reported the incident to police and made the officers’ jobs much easier by providing good descriptions of the suspects, their actions and associated vehicles.

Without the assistance of this observant and caring citizen this would have been another costly graffiti crime that would have gone unsolved. Consequently, officers were able to arrest four suspects for felony vandalism. The suspects ranged in age from 15 to 21 years old.

It might sound like a broken record, but it rings so true. By becoming the eyes and ears for the police department, caring citizens are instrumental in helping us solve crime. Citizens who care and take the time to get involved multiply the resources of the police department, and this helps reduce the incidence of crime and improves the quality of life for all. Compliments to all who care enough to help us make Antioch a safer community!

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