Supervisors to air plans for returning inmates

The Public Protection Committee of the Board of Supervisors will hear a plan to help recently released inmates to transition back into society.

“We either find a way to ease the inmates’ reintegration into their communities, or we face the strong possibility that they will return to their life of crime and back to the prison,” said Supervisor Federal Glover, chair of the committee. The recidivism rate for former inmates is 70-75 percent.

Spurred by a 2009 federal court order to reduce the state prison inmate population by releasing thousands of inmates, Contra Costa County agencies and community-based organizations have been taking part in a planning process to create the infrastructure to help former inmates adjust to life outside of prison.

The strategic plan produced by consultant Urban Strategies will be unveiled and discussed at the Public Protection Committee meeting on Feb. 7, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., room 101, 651 Pine Street, Martinez.

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