Final Carjacking and Robbery Suspect Caught

On August 22, 2010, a carjacking occurred on Vender Court in Antioch. Cedric Mccroey, 21; Corey Mccroey, 19; and Alfonzo Beasley, 21, were identified as being responsible, according to police. Cedric Mccroey and Alfonzo Beasley were also identified as being responsible for a robbery that occurred in the same area two weeks prior.

Corey Mccroey and Alfonzo Beasley were apprehended by Antioch Police in Antioch several weeks after the carjacking. Cedric Mccroey was never located and evaded Antioch Police investigators for approximately six months.

On February 8, 2011, Cedric Mccroey was located on Magnolia Way in Antioch and was apprehended by APD personnel, including APD SWAT. The house he was associated with on Magnolia Way was searched, and approximately one-half ounce of rock cocaine was located along with paraphernalia associated with sales.

Cedric Mccroey, Corey Mccroey, and Alfonzo Beasley are validated “Towerside” gang members from San Francisco and were all named in a recent city of San Francisco gang injunction, according to police. They have been indicted by a Contra Costa County Grand Jury for the crimes of carjacking, robbery, and participation in a street gang.

Cedric Mccroey also had an outstanding felony warrant issued by San Francisco County for possession of an assault rifle. Alfonzo Beasley is the prime suspect in the Antioch homicide involving the shooting death of Luis Straiten. The homicide occurred in the parking lot of Deer Valley Plaza on March 16, 2007. Alfonzo Beasley has been questioned about his involvement in the homicide after being arrested for the carjacking and robbery. The homicide investigation is ongoing at this time.

Alfonzo Beasley and Corey Mccroey remain in custody on respective bails of $350,000 and $385,000.

Anyone with information regarding these suspects or information on the murder of Luis Straiten should contact Antioch Police Detective Bittner at (925) 779-6939.

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