Antioch Residents Help Clean Up Community

One team of volunteers, led by Councilman Gary Agopian (center, in shorts) pick up trash just off Canada Valley Road in Southeast Antioch.

Gun Safe Found Containing Personal Documents, Police Called to the Scene

By Allen Payton, Publisher

About 100 residents, including council members and police commissioners, picked up trash in the neighborhoods and along the streets near Meadow Creek Estates in Southeast Antioch, this morning, February 5, during the monthly Community Clean Up.

Chief Cantando & Dennis Jeglum welcome and provide instructions to the volunteers.

Acting Chief Allan Cantando and Antioch Police Crime Prevention Commissioner Dennis Jeglum thanked those who showed up and gave instructions, as the volunteers divided up in teams to take on various sections of the neighborhood.

One team of volunteers that participated was from the local Target store. Others were some of the people who attended last night’s Take Back Antioch meeting.

Hundreds, if not thousands of pounds of trash was gathered, including a tire, broken flat screen television. The largest find was a gun safe containing personal documents including birth certificates, a marriage license and a receipt for a diamond purchase. After police were called and on their way to the location, two members of the Volunteers In Public Safety remained with the safe and told everyone not to touch anything because “it’s evidence, now.”

The next planned Community Clean Up is scheduled for Saturday, March 12.

Gun safe found with personal documents during Community Clean Up.

A bag of trash and a Christmas tree someone dumped on the side of the road.

Two young volunteers gladly show the tire they found.

Some of the trash found and picked up by the volunteers.

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Some of the trash picked up

Two young volunteers show the tire they found

Trash & a Christmas tree

Chief Cantando & Dennis Jeglum

Gun safe found with personal documents

Residents pick up trash in neighborhood near Canada Valley Road.

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