The Interference Theory of Dis-ease

By Dr. Brandon Roberts, DC

     Much of our health care system has been based on the germ theory which simply speaking says that germs cause disease and we should kill all the germs. While certainly there are times when this may be true, as a system of health care and as a general rule it has been ineffective.

     Our attempt to wipe out “bugs” has created an assault on our immune systems, placed many of our bodies out of balance and, according to The Telegraph, leads to 10,000 deaths per year through the creation of super bugs who have adapted to this assault. The Interference Theory of Dis-ease takes a much different approach and if you incorporate this philosophy into your lifestyle you will be more likely to enjoy a long, active healthy quality of life from birth to 100 years and beyond.

     The first basic premise of the Interference Theory is that your body has within it an Innate Intelligence which has been with you from the moment of conception, and holds the blueprint for you to live an active healthy life. This Innate Intelligence is the vitalistic energy that distinguishes a living being from a corpse.

     The second component of this theory is that the expression of this intelligence can be interfered with and become wholly or partially blocked. When this happens, dis-ease, or lack of ease, results causing dis-harmony, weakness, and imbalance within the body that in turn, if left uncorrected, will lead to disease.

     The third component of this theory includes adjustments that are designed to remove the interference so that your Innate Intelligence can cause spontaneous healing and give your body the best opportunity to function at its highest level for a lifetime.

     There are two types of interference that lead to dis-ease. The first type is lifestyle interference and the second type is nerve interference. While these interferences can interact with each other, and exacerbate the other, they must be removed independently in order for your body to express its innate potential.

Nerve interference results most often from injuries to the spine which interferes with the communication between your brain and your body and also the other direction from your body to your brain.

     This communication pathway is necessary for your body to express health and vitality. For example, your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach, leg muscles and every other cell tissue and organ require healthy nerve supply without interference for these individual parts to function properly and interact with each other in a healthy way. If your spine is injured during the birth process, childhood falls, accidents or from stress, this causes pressure in your nervous system, interference, which creates dis-ease.

     Too many people wait for a crisis and treat the symptoms of dis-ease through drugs and surgery rather than removing the interference to create ease. The side effects from this can be devastating especially if this is done over time. Removing the interference provides a healthier long term solution so that your body can express its true health potential over the course of your lifetime.

     Lifestyle interference includes the choices that you make regarding food, thoughts, and your environment. Lifestyle interference is caused by eating unhealthy foods, such as white sugar, white flour, starches, processed foods and foods that are filled with manmade chemicals that cause interference to your body’s natural state of ease.

     Stress, excessive sitting, smoking, negative thoughts and lack of exercise are other sources of lifestyle interference that, as a part of your lifestyle, can decrease both the quantity and quality of your years. If you want to live an active healthy quality of life, avoid sickness, and express your full potential for yourself and your family then it is important that you remove the interference from your life and keep it out of your life for the rest of your life.

     Our office is committed to helping you and your loved ones achieve this goal so that you can enjoy a healthy 2011 as well as a sensational century.

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