Community Policing Success Stories

The following was released by the Antioch Police Department on Friday, January 14:

Community involvement and support is at the heart of our Community Policing efforts. With community interaction Antioch residents can and do help us fight crime.

We would like to share a success story from today which epitomizes the spirit of community policing.  This story is just one of many examples which demonstrate just how hard our citizens and the men and women of the Antioch Police Department are working to make Antioch a safer community.

The officers and dispatchers assigned to work today will handle many calls for police assistance before their work day is over. Some days are busier than others. For example, just yesterday, during their 12 hour work shift, the same group of officers and dispatchers handled 214 calls for police assistance.

Today started off like any other day and at approximately 10:27 a.m. an attentive neighbor from the south east area of Antioch called 911 to report two male suspects had just broken into his neighbor’s home. The caller provided crucial descriptive information and described the actions of the suspects. At one point in time, 9 officers and 3 dispatchers worked on this call. As a result of a caring and attentive neighbor and the hard work of the officers and dispatchers, two suspects were apprehended for a residential burglary.  At the peak of this crime, which involved the apprehension of the suspects, all of the police department’s resources were utilized.  Officers were able to apprehend the suspects within 15-20 minutes of receiving the call from the neighbor. Some of the officers who were involved in this case will have many more hours of work to do on this case.

At approximately 11:17 a.m., at the opposite end of Antioch, another caring and attentive neighbor reported two male suspects going from home to home knocking on doors. The caller stayed on the phone with dispatch and also gave descriptive and detailed information about the suspects; even to the point of witnessing the suspects enter a home. At one point in time, 7 officers and 3 dispatchers worked on this call and we even enlisted the assistance of an air plane from the CHP to aid in the search for the suspects. Again the vigilance of the reporting citizens and police personnel resulted in the arrest of a burglary suspect. Although one suspect evaded arrest, there is no doubt our follow-up investigation will lead to his identity and ultimate arrest.

These cases are classic examples of the community and the Police Department working together to fight and solve crime. The men and women of the Police Department work very hard day and night while serving the citizens of Antioch and continually strive to fulfill their mission, which is to partner   with the community to promote the quality of life in Antioch by proactively reducing crime with integrity and commitment to excellence.

As a result of the economic crisis we have lost valuable personnel and resources and may lose more. We need the public’s help more than we ever have and we strongly urge our citizens to get involved and become part of our Community Policing Team.

From the police reports:

In-Progress Residential Burglary Arrests

DATE OF INCIDENT: 1/14/11 1030hrs

LOCATION: 1900 Block of Mt. Hamilton

Antioch PD received a call of an in-progress residential Burglary from a nearby witness. As Officers were responding, information was received that the responsibles had fled on bicycles. Officers located two possible responsibles in the neighborhood as they were riding away. After a brief struggle and foot pursuit the first subject, 21 year old Antioch Resident Howard Smith, was taken into custody. He had attempted to retrieve pepper spray from his pocket during the struggle. He was also found in possession of property taken during the burglary.

Antioch Officers continued to search for the second subject and received information from a citizen that he had fled into a house nearby. During a search of the residence, Officers located one of the residents, 19 year old Santwan Edwards inside. Edwards was identified by witnesses and Officers as the other responsible. Both subjects were booked at APD and later into the Martinez Detention Facility on multiple charges.

In-Progress Residential Burglary Arrests

DATE OF INCIDENT: 1/14/11 1100hrs

LOCATION: 100 block of William Reed

Antioch PD received a call of an in-progress residential Burglary from alert citizens in the neighborhood. As Officers were responding, information was received that the responsibles had fled on foot through the neighborhood after entering the residence. Good descriptions were given and Officers managed to arrive on scene quickly, even though they were still investigating another unrelated burglary across town.

Officers conducted an area check and within a short time located 18-year-old Antioch resident Marcus Grisby. He was taken into custody and identified by witnesses as being involved in the burglary. He later confessed to his involvement and was booked at APD jail. He was then booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.

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  1. Shirley Diethelm says:

    We feel that all of our Antioch Police Officers and Dispatchers are the BEST, and we appreciate the sacrifice they have all had to make do to our City’s lack of revenue.

    Perhaps if there was a plan in place to use volunteers to help with some of the work load or increase the numbers of (VIPS) Volunteers In Police Service) we could all get through this painful time and know that WE MADE A DIFFERENCE!!

    Thank you ALL for your dedication and out standing work you do for our City of Antioch.


    The Diethelm’s

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