Letter Martha Parsons

Antioch is making progress

While Antioch has some great challenges, we live in a wonderful city and there are bright spots! One I am most proud of is the ferry. Because of my regional contacts, I was able to restart the ferry project this past spring. I see the ferry service as a catalyst to the redevelopment of our unique Rivertown District!

I believe the strength of a city is in the spirit of its citizens. Antioch’s spirit shined earlier this year with my “Keep Antioch Beautiful,” a volunteer event which many said would never happen. It not only happened, but over 900 volunteers joined me that day to help our city be cleaner and thus safer!

Another project I believe in is “Shop Antioch,” a way to help stabilize our budget and positively influence our quality of life by spending our dollars at our own Antioch businesses, thus adding to our revenue for police and city services and helping our local businesses prosper.

Antioch can overcome challenges if we work together to keep Antioch a city to be proud of. As a voice for all Antioch and your full-time representative, I am asking for your vote for Antioch City Council!

Martha Parsons

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