Colleague endorses Graves for Contra Costa DA

Dear Editor:

Colleen Gleason, a close friend and colleague of mine has written a wonderful endorsement on Facebook. I met Colleen 15 years ago and am humbled by her words. Here are a few sentences from my colleague’s social media post that I would like to share with you:

“I’m so excited and proud that my friend and mentor has decided to run for DA of our County. Paul was my homicide supervisor and currently runs the Sexual Assault/Family Violence unit. I also worked closely with him while he was the President of our Association – not only was he amazing at negotiating on behalf of our DAs, but he was instrumental in putting on a successful fundraiser for our local Rape Crisis/Children’s Interview Center every year.

Paul is the type of leader who inspires others; there is always a line of people seeking his solid advice born of experience and common sense. He is the type of leader that people want to follow; when he is heading a unit, other people want to work there…He has handled the pressures of our job in the public eye with grace and eloquence. But, more importantly to me, he is the type of person you can watch handling the little, every-day moments with kindness and integrity… the moments when the cameras aren’t on, when no one seems to be paying attention – the way he treats his staff, victim’s families, opposing counsel, his subordinates – those are the moments when he has impressed me the most.”

Paul Graves


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2 Comments to “Colleague endorses Graves for Contra Costa DA”

  1. Swen Oleson says:

    Before readers get overwhelmed by this glowing letter of support by Paul Graves friend on Face Book they should consider that Paul Graves announced last week he has raised 100,000 for a planned run for the DA’s job. That announcement was a signal to the Board of Supervisors – who are mulling his appointment to the DA’s job, along with 4 others, that even if he doesn’t get the appointment he’s going to buy the DA’s job with money from Fat Cats. Graves, apparently, believes the job of DA – the counties top law enforcement job – should go to best fundraiser, and he is auditioning himself for that part for the 2018 election. He also made that announcement to get the two judges who have applied, Judge Becton or Judge Douglas – to drop out. If Becton or Douglas get appointed to the DA’s job, and lose to Graves next year, they will be out of work. So they are taking big risks. While Graves has tried to bluff the judges out of the appointment sweepstakes – bully is a better word – neither women has been intimidated , which is great to see. Fact is this is all bluff, if Graves doesn’t get the appointment he’s will likely never get the DA’s job. The reason is because it’s all but impossible to dislodge an incumbent county elected official. Additionally the appointed incumbent will have no problem fund raising, while Graves money will dry up – Fat Cats know you can’t knock out an incumbent county elected official. Grave’s behind the scenes machinations – his decision to play the money card – indicates to me he’s a little desperate. Far from being the strongest candidate he’s really likely the weakest now, just look how desperate he is! Had Graves not made all these Machiavellian moves behind the scenes, trying to strong arm the board into appointing him, or trying to bully the women applicants, both arguably more qualified than him, I’d say Graves is a decent candidate for the job. But now I think Graves is just the worst, anybody but Graves should get the DA’s job.

    • Publisher says:

      Mr. Oleson,
      With all due respect, if you think $100,000 buys the position of District Attorney, you need to get educated of how much it takes to run a countywide campaign with a population of over 1 million people. Supervisor races, which only cover one-fifth of the county, cost much, much more than that.
      Whether or not you like or agree with Mr. Graves, him letting his potential opponents know of the strengths of his campaign is a smart, long-practiced tactic. Besides, he already stated in an article published on this website, earlier this week, that “no matter what” he’s running.
      Allen Payton, Publisher

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