Challenger Fuller takes on long-term incumbent Miller for Congress

Following are the responses to the questions posed to the candidates for Congress in California’s new 7th District, which includes approximately 30% of Antioch, in the northwest part of the city. There are two candidates running, incumbent George Miller and challenger Virginia Fuller. The following information is posted here, as there was unfortunately not enough room in our November print edition.

George Miller

1. Full name: George R. Miller, III

2. Background:

I’m 67 years old, have a BA from SF State University and a law degree from U.C. Davis. I was born and raised in Richmond and reside in Martinez. I’ve been a Member of Congress since 1975. I’m married to Cynthia Caccavo, have two children and six grandchildren.

3. Contact information:

David Johnson, Campaign Coordinator, 925-948-5165,,

4. What motivated you to run?

I first ran for Congress to end the Vietnam War, guarantee affordable health care for all Americans, and improve the education and well-being of our children. I’m running today to strengthen the middle class and rebuild the American Dream. And we’ve got work to do.

5. Top three priorities if elected – what do you plan to accomplish?

Create more jobs by strengthening the economy, improve public education, and reduce global warming by increasing energy efficiency and green energy.

6. Do you support Prop 30 and Prop 38?

I support Prop 30 to help avoid devastating cuts to education and other essential services.

7. What has been your greatest accomplishment? Why should people vote for you?

My greatest achievement as a lawmaker has been passage of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s health care law. I have a record of integrity and have had bills signed into law by presidents of both parties. I wake up every day ready to make a difference for people here and across our country.


Virginia Fuller


Virginia O.  Fuller

As a legal immigrant, born in Suriname, I came to the United States in 1976 and gained my citizenship in 2000. I have lived in California for over 33 years. I was trained as a registered nurse in The Netherlands. My two children are both college graduates and model citizens.

I became a child advocate after I observed,, first-hand the shortage for quality long-term nursing care for children in my community, while working as a rehab nurse at Children’s Hospital, Oakland. In 1989 I established and operated two pediatric care facilities. One was a 24-hour Emergency Shelter Home for abused and neglected children located in Oakland. The other was a Nursing Care Facility in Richmond, licensed by the State Health Department.

Because that was happening in this predominately liberal and Democratic region, I became a political activist, as a result.

I am running for Congress because the incumbent, George Miller has demonstrated for 38 long years he is out of touch with his constituency. His partisan and neglectful policies have proven to be disastrous to traditional families and our communities. Many neighborhoods have deteriorated because of high crime rates and population exodus due to decades of neglect by George Miller.

As your Congresswoman, I will:

Work to rebuild our inner cities by:

Reducing the cost of doing business in America and keeping jobs in California.

•Giving parents school choice and greater access to better performing schools.

Vote to repeal Obamacare and replace it with common sense healthcare reform.

Balance the Budget by eliminating duplicate government services and departments.

Return control of Education to the States.

Enforce immigration laws.

Support aid and asylum for persecuted Christians in the Middle East and Africa.

Implement a Flat Income Tax.

Support LIMITED government

I have integrity, decency and will maintain loyalty to the people. I am a proud Constitutionalist and a patriotic citizen with common sense and real life experiences. We need to elect a citizen politician, not career politician and lawyer!

Fuller for Congress

12 Ambrose Avenue, Bay Point, CA 94565 510-758-5854 or 925-565-4295!/FullerCD7ca


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Virginia Fuller


3 Comments to “Challenger Fuller takes on long-term incumbent Miller for Congress”

  1. David Y. says:

    Best of luck to Ms. Fuller in District 11! We moved out of Concord to Antioch (District 9) to get away from George Miller’s poor representation after he repeatedly ignored our phone calls and emails and refused to attend townhall meetings while he steamrolled in President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. No taxation without representation!

    • Publisher says:

      However, part of Antioch is in District 11. That’s why we ran the article on our website about this race. See the district map, here.
      Allen Payton, Publisher

  2. Old Monkey says:

    Well Dave it sucks Miller was re-elected.
    Miller Didn’t represent me, my immediate, or extended family over 20 years. Since most of my family are minority, I think it makes Miller a RACIST. A political hack growing up the son of a political hack representing Richmond Ca growing up in privilege, the epicenter of White Supremacy; if the shoe fits Miller II needs to own it. The son of a Bachelor even tried to give his Gig to his son which would have made 3 generations of political debauchery. Considering the results were Sun Power Miller III supported by his father, cost the taxpayers $500,000,000 dollars, it might have been the better of bad choices. To his supporters, explain why most of the jobs are in Mexico, not Richmond or Pittsburg? Miller cost my immediate multiracial family over $600,000 we EARNED, weren’t given; our extended family either minority or multiracial lost millions.

    None of the 4 political candidates I supported won. The most disappointing loss was Ms. Fuller, followed by Al West & Mia. A proved Son of the American Revolution, it sucks to be both me and Ba’s kids. Including his wonderful daughter whose permission to marry I earned. Ba may never have learned English, but really got animated by Miller who reminded him of the tyrants he left behind when he came to the US

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