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12 Comments to “Community Calendar”

  1. Beverly Slovick says:

    How can I get an upcoming event added to the community calendar?

  2. Bob Driskell says:

    Hello Allen, here is a notice for the Antioch ‘LifeRing’ addictions recovery meeting. I have been Convening this ongoing group for a few years. Please add it to Community Calander. thanx Bob Driskell

    Welcome to Antioch ‘‘LifeRing’’
    Meetings are every Monday at 12:00 noon
    Kaiser Permanente – Mental Health & Chemical Dependency
    2213 Buchanan Rd, Suite 110
    Antioch, CA 94509
    For information 925 301-3277

    ‘‘LifeRing’’ is a network of people who support one another in living free of alcohol and other non-medically indicated addictive drugs. ‘‘LifeRing’’ meetings, in person and online, http://’LifeRing’.org/, are friendly, confidential, non-judgmental gatherings of peers. The atmosphere is relaxed, practical, and positive. ‘LifeRing’ members believe that complete abstinence from alcohol and other non-medically indicated drugs is the necessary foundation for us to lead a better life.
    The desire to stop drinking and or using is the only requirement for membership in ‘LifeRing’. In ‘LifeRing’ meetings, your religious and spiritual beliefs, or lack of them, remain a private matter. There is no religious or anti-religious content in the meeting process.
    ‘LifeRing’ does not require participants to follow any particular steps or guidelines, other than staying clean and sober. Each participant builds a personal recovery program tailored to their own individual needs.
    Our meeting format and literature provide a structure for this program. No need to be a Kaiser member. ALL ARE WELCOME…

  3. Mike Schneider says:

    Hey Al…. how do you add to the Community Calendar? Can’t find the button… trying to add this non-profit charity event.. see web site:

  4. karl says:

    hello allen,

    i wonder if one of you reporters could find out about the grand opening celebration of the new boat launch on april 7.
    little to no info available, incomplete in the cct.
    is there a program, what time etc??


    • Publisher says:

      We didn’t receive a press release from the City on it. I have a call into the City Manager’s office, right now. Then I’ll post the information.
      Allen Payton, Publisher

  5. Illiena says:

    Is there a list of places that offer free Thanksgiving dinner in Antioch, such as churches, community centers, etc, for those who have no place to go?

    • Publisher says:

      We will post the full information in a few days. But the one that I know of is at the Antioch Veterans Hall on 6th Street provided by Golden Hills Community Church from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
      Allen Payton, Publisher

  6. Amber says:

    Is the calendar still active? I keep getting an error message when I come to this page.

  7. Scarlett Leiva says:


    How can I find out who to contact to sponsor the Holy Rosary Health Fair in November?

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