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Family fun at Lumpy’s Diner 9th Annual Car Show and Burger Eating Contest, Sat. Oct 14

Friday, October 13th, 2017

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Hour of Power Workshop for business women, Sat. Oct. 21 at Somersville Towne Center in Antioch

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

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Antioch boy struck by hit-and-run driver while riding bike gets new one from police, Schwinn City

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Antioch Police Officers with Wesley, his new bike and Ron Lopez, owner of Schwinn City in Antioch. Photos by APD

Wesley’s damaged bike.

From the Antioch Police Facebook page,

On Saturday, Sept. 30, shortly after 2 pm, 10-year-old Wesley was riding his bicycle in front of his home on Bart Avenue, when a vehicle struck him from behind. The vehicle fled towards Marie Avenue, dragging Wesley’s bike underneath it. Fortunately for Wesley, he was knocked off of his bike and didn’t end up underneath the car. He still suffered multiple injuries, including a concussion, and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

With so few leads to work with, and Wesley’s bike being destroyed in the incident, Officer McElroy contacted Ron and Kelly Lopez, the owners of Schwinn City at 814 A Street.

After hearing what happened to Wesley, without hesitation, Ron and Kelly graciously agreed to split the cost of a new bike with Ofc. McElroy, and do what they could to help. All of the officers and dispatchers working day shift heard what Ofc. McElroy was doing, and chipped in their own money to help Wesley. The money donated, along with Ron and Kelly’s generosity, was enough to purchase a new bike for Wesley.

The entire APD dayshift crew helped deliver the bike to Wesley.

On Oct. 1st the entire dayshift crew and Ron Lopez, delivered Wesley’s new bike to him and his parents at their home. Ron included a new bike lock, and Antioch PD also added a new bike helmet. Wesley was beyond excited and appreciative, as were his parents.

Although the responsible driver and vehicle have not been located or identified, we are happy we could brighten Wesley’s day. The vehicle could only be described as an older grey sedan, similar in appearance to a Honda Accord. It possibly has tinted windows, and could have some front end or right-side damage.

Anyone with any information as to the location of the vehicle or the identity of the driver, please contact the Antioch Police Department at (925) 778-2441, and refer any information to Officer McElroy, Case Number 17-10545.

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Affordable riverfront office space in Antioch’s historic, downtown Rivertown

Friday, October 6th, 2017

In the historic Casino Building, next to Waldie Plaza.

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Rema African fashions, gifts and art at M & D Specialty Collections in Antioch’s historic, downtown Rivertown

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Owner Debo Fashokun, her mother Dayo Atuwo and employee Lat Pompei, are surrounded by the art, clothing and gifts from Africa, available at their store on Second Street in Antioch’s historic downtown, Rivertown.

One of the paintings by Dr. Fashokun available through Rema at M&D.

Rema at M & D Specialty Collections located at 418 West 2nd street Antioch, specializes in African themed fashion, accessories, graphic art, jewelry, skin care, and much more. This unique fashion outlet is owned by Debo Fashokun and her husband, who is also the resident artist Dr. Adeyinka Fashokun. Debo is also a nursing instructor in Concord.

The couple greatly appreciates art, music, fashion and beauty, and love to share these with others from an African perspective. That’s why they opened the store, in Antioch’s historic, downtown Rivertown, last year.

Dr. Fashokun attended the renowned California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in General Design, majoring in Graphic Design and Illustration. Dr. Fashokun went on to earn a Master’s degree in Art Education, with distinction, and then a Doctoral degree in education, Curriculum and Instruction, with major focus on Visual Arts Education, from the University of San Francisco.

Resident artist Dr. Adeyinka Fashokun.

Customers and visitors at the shop have many commendable reports about their unique gifts and fashionable items, incense, etc.  They are one of a kind in the Bay Area. M & D Specialty Collection serves everyone who appreciates beauty and uniqueness.

You can choose from original artwork with authenticity certificates, prints, greeting cards, classy African clothing and accessories, and much more. Please visit the art gallery on their website at and their clothing and accessories collection at   You can also follow them on Facebook at mdspecialtycollections.

Stop by the store and see all they have to offer, Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Contra Costa’s CyberTran awarded U.S. patent for Transportation Internet

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Rendering of a CyberTran transit station. Renderings courtesy of CyberTran International, Inc.

Ultra-Light Rail Transit system vehicles travel throughout connected rail networks at low, medium and high speeds, direct to destination and at much lower capital deployment and maintenance costs

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA – CyberTran International, Inc. (CTI) offers the most innovative approach to solving the world’s traffic congestion problems. The recent patent approval for fixed guideway transportation systems, with lower cost of ownership and optimized benefits, validates what they’re calling the Transportation Internet technology. This system can be thought of as the computer-controlled technology solution to the problems of mass transit cost overruns and inefficiency.

Artist rendering of a CyberTran vehicle and station with overhead solar panels generating the power to operate the system.

CTI’s Ultra-Light Rail Transit (ULRT) is a mass transit system with the ability to build out Urban Circulator systems, Commuter Rail systems and High-Speed Rail systems and connect them to one network where small rail vehicles carrying up to thirty passengers can travel throughout the network Direct-to-Destination (nonstop). This allows ULRT to serve three separate markets, low, medium and high speeds! Until today all three markets have been served by three separate distinct technologies that can only be connected at transfer points where passengers have to disembark one system only to transfer to another to reach their destination.

Currently, CTI is closing in on funding for the purpose of demonstration and deployment. “Everybody wants to be second, nobody wants to be first,” said Dexter Vizinau, President of CTI.

Transit officials are hesitant to take a chance on a small and innovative company. The BART system started out as a demonstration project and the technology was the first of its kind. Today, CTI has approximately ten cities that are willing to be first, he explained.

In every major metropolitan region of the world, people are stuck in traffic. Today’s solutions aren’t working.

“Expanding today’s transit systems are too costly to build and maintain, yet transit officials continue to approach this as a solution, with little result,” said Neil Sinclair, CTI Board Chairman. “There’s a $78 billion backlog in transit systems maintenance in the U.S. and the only way to pay for it is to raise taxes. In the meantime, we’re all stuck in traffic with no end in sight.” That is, until today.

Overview rendering of the offline CyberTran stations.

“Our patent validates everything we’ve already proven,” Vizinau continued. “Two full-scale prototype vehicles have already been built and tested. The test vehicles have achieved speeds of up to 60 mph and have climbed a 10% grade, which means ULRT can go over the Sepulveda Pass in Los Angeles and also travel up the Grapevine Summit in Southern California. Bullet train systems and L.A. Metro-like systems cannot climb steep grades and therefore either have to tunnel or go around.”

By building out ULRT networks in cities at 35 mph, and then connecting them together throughout a region at 80 mph, ULRT becomes a commuter rail system like BART and Metro in Los Angeles. ULRT can handle the same throughput as BART during rush hour via the Transbay Tube. CTI can then connect regions with a high-speed line. The ULRT System design is flexible and can expand easily. Guideways and civil structures are manufactured offsite and assembled onsite allowing ULRT systems to be constructed more efficiently. CTI can construct long-distance systems in up to a quarter mile per day. The system was designed to reach speeds of up to 150 mph. (See related article)

CyberTran’s ULRT system also operates from solar power. Canopies of solar panels above the guideway can generate more than one megawatt per mile and eight times more energy than the system consumes, and supply renewable energy to surrounding communities resulting in a net gain to CTI.

Rendering of a possible CyberTran station on the second floor of an office building and campus.

Transit officials currently purchase transit systems from foreign companies. CTI plans to manufacture ULRT transit systems for a global market in Contra Costa County. “We’ve been to China five times in as many years. There are six hundred cities in China that can use this,” says Sinclair. Councilmember Rich Kinney of the City of San Pablo states, “West Contra Costa County in particular has to solve the I-80 corridor congestion issue to attract more businesses and jobs to our cities. This is our opportunity to effectively address that issue. May we not continue to kick the proverbial can down the road – it’s time to embrace the full deployment of CyberTran right here at home.”

Earlier this year the city councils of Oakley, Brentwood and Antioch each voted unanimously to join the cities of Richmond and San Pablo to support efforts by CTI to obtain the needed funding for systems in both Western and Eastern Contra Costa County. (See related article) In addition, CTI has the support of U.C. Berkeley in their efforts to bring the technology to market. (See related article)

The next steps for CTI are to obtain funding to build two showrooms and a factory. This calls for one low-speed demonstration track up to 35 mph, and one rapid speed demonstration track up to 150 mph – in curves and with left and right banking. Both demo tracks and factory construction are to be done concurrently. There were no funding programs to support transit innovation, such as ULRT, at the federal level until CTI lobbied Congress to create one. Program legislation was created and approved in 2014 under a Republican-controlled Congress and Senate. CTI was hopeful that President Obama would release the program funding but it did not happen. CTI is hopeful about the President Trump’s infrastructure package and is encouraged by their reception in Washington, D.C.

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Antioch Chamber of Commerce supports new Rocketship charter school facility

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

The Antioch Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) has endorsed the plan by Rocketship Public Education (Rocketship) to build and operate a new, state-of-the-art, elementary school in Antioch.  The approximately $14 million investment by Rocketship in the Antioch community was approved by the Antioch Unified School District (AUSD) Board of Trustees last December. (See related article)

The facility proposed by Rocketship will be the first Net Zero Energy charter school to be built in the United States.  It’s construction on Cavallo Road near 18th Street is expected to help spark revitalization of the area while allowing access to a high-quality educational opportunity for socioeconomically disadvantaged students.

The school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018 with about 300 students, and to ultimately serve 600.  Rocketship has an impressive history of helping students achieve academically throughout the San Jose area and other parts of the country.  Their schools feature extended school days with imbedded learning labs, effectively providing every student with the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities that lead to some of the highest test scores achieved by schools serving similar populations in the state of California.

The site plan for the Rocketship school will come before the Planning Commission and the Antioch City Council for approval in the coming weeks, and the Chamber urges both bodies to work swiftly to ensure that this new option for our Antioch students becomes a reality as quickly as possible.  The Chamber further urges all members of the community to work together to support the new Rocketship school and the opportunity it presents for Antioch’s children.

The Chamber, in addition to its primary mission of promoting local businesses and jobs, has long been an advocate for local education and the AUSD.  These efforts include support for the creation of innovative programs, the development of high school academies, and the celebration of student talent in our community.

Richard Pagano, CEO

Antioch Chamber of Commerce

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Dow Chemical seeking organizations to apply for annual STEM grant

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Discovery Bay Odyssey of the Mind students benefited by the 2016 Dow CAP Grant. Photo courtesy of Dow Chemical Pittsburg.

Deadline for applications is Monday, Sept. 18

Do you know a local non-profit in need of funding? Tell them about the 2017 Dow Community Advisory Panel (CAP) Grant. We invite eligible organizations in East Contra Costa County to submit grant proposals for projects supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and contribute to improving our community and environment.

Last year, the Dow Community Grant helped our friends at Discovery Bay Odyssey of the Mind prepare for their trip to the Odyssey of the Mind Eurofest competition in Minks, Belarus. The teams, consisting of 8th graders from Excelsior Middle and 5th graders from Discovery Bay Elementary, took home 1st and 2nd place trophies from the GLOBAL competition.

We continue to support STEM/STEAM organizations this year with our 2017 CAP Grant. Apply today. Deadline to apply is September 18.

Don’t …miss out on this opportunity to do great things for your organization. #STEM #STEAM #Grant #ContraCostaCounty

For questions, contact Taylor Gonzalez at More info: Apply here:


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