Antioch woman arrested last week, released by DA without charges, claims innocence

I in fact have nothing to do with it nor was I there or anything” – Sunny Jacobson

Sunny Jacobson in a photo from Facebook.

Sunny Jacobson in a photo from Facebook.

By Allen Payton

Following her arrest by the Antioch Police, on Thursday, September 17, on a single charge of conspiracy after the fact, in a homicide case, Sunny Jacobson now claims she’s innocent.

She was released from county jail after being held on $500,000 bail, and has not yet been charged by the District Attorney’s office.

In an email exchange with the Herald, this week, she first threatened to sue if the article about her and the photo from her arrest were not removed from the Herald’s website, claiming she was only detained.

im [sic] going to sue you if you do not take this pic n false info down abouyt [sic] me immed,” Jacobson’s initial email stated.

When asked what was false in the article, she responded, “Because I was never arrested I was detained…big mistake.”

Antioch Police Acting Sergeant Tom Furhman, who had issued the press release about Jacobson’s arrest, responded to a question of whether she had been arrested or just detained.

She was arrested and booked into county jail on the conspiracy charge with a bail amount,” Fuhrmann wrote in an email. “You can’t book somebody into county jail without arresting them. It wasn’t until the DA reviewed the case that he decided not to charge her. She may or may not have originally been detained at the scene where we arrested Swanson, but we subsequently arrested her and sent her to county jail the night we arrested Swanson.”

In a separate email, Acting Sergeant James Stenger, also responded.

Sunny Jacobson was arrested during the service of a search warrant and ultimately transported to the county jail on an accessory charge,” he wrote. “The district attorney chose not to file charges and she was released. I think she is basing her statement on the fact that she was given a form similar to the one below that states she was just detained. It does not change the fact that she was arrested under the eyes of the law and if the DA chose to file charges at a later date it would automatically void the form.”

I know it is somewhat confusing but an arrest occurs any time someone is physically restrained (handcuffed) and transported,” Stenger continued. “I believe arrested is an appropriate term and as we both know anyone can file a lawsuit but in a case like this it would be baseless.”

Stenger’s email also included an attached copy of the Certificate of Release (shown below).

The email from Stenger was shared with Jacobson.

Well, I don’t understand why they had given me the paper then,” she wrote, “but the way the story was put out there made me out to look like I have something to do with the crime when I in fact have nothing to do with it nor was I there or anything ..n it’s affecting me in a negative way.”

Not happy with her arrest photo posted on the Herald website, she asked that a different one be posted. A photo of Jacobson from her Facebook page accompanies this article.

I look as if I could of been as crazy as to do such a crime, I’ve never been more embarrassed n all my life,”she wrote. If you Google my name all pics n info appears so an update would be greatly appreciated since it will be there forever.”

When asked follow up questions of “Do you know Jess Jessie Swanson?”; “Were you with him at the time he was arrested?” and “Why did the police tell you they arrested you?” Jacobson did not respond.

Publisher’s Note: The Herald will not remove the original article and photo of Jacobson, as it is accurate regarding what occurred, and not unless or until the case is settled and in her favor. But, to be as fair to her as possible, I agreed to publish this article and the above photo of her.

A copy of a Certificate of Release form that was issued to Sunny Jacobson. Provided by Antioch Police Acting Sergeant James Stenger.

A copy of a Certificate of Release form that was issued to Sunny Jacobson. Provided by Antioch Police Acting Sergeant James Stenger.

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  1. Amber Araujo says:

    Haha she knows that when a chick cant even just put on makeup to improve her face…. she has to apply photo application features of fake stickers of eyebrows and eyelashes and eyeshadow that are clearly overlapped over her bangs laughing my butt off

  2. sunny jacobson says:

    How can u still be trying to clown grow up n get right now get your kids back you have some nerve looser

    • NESS S says:

      Learn to spell ya dumb druggie…looser; LOSER ….DUMB BROAD!
      On behalf of the Swanson family whome most a have disowned jesse because of years,upon years of jessie’s wrong doings and continuous bad choices…including ripping family off and just completely embarrassing and shaming the Swanson name…just when he loses his mother and unexpectedly found himself diagnosed with cancer…he sticks up for your fake,lying,gold digging self which hes never done for no broad and this skank doesn’t even have the decency to be real and tell the truth…s.m.h! Carma!

  3. RJB says:

    Welcome to Antioch!

  4. Ness says:

    I Still think that poor excuse of a woman helped fuel jess and helped Escalade his already strongly known anger problem and the altercation turned into something life destroying and horrible on both ends of the gun.. jess took someone’s baby boys life and in return he continued by ruining the rest of what was and is left of his crappy life he chose to create and if given himself the chance could’ve been amazing and in my eyes is still an amazing uncle…his soul is just forever lost. Love you uncle jess I’ll write you soon even if no one else in our family would even lift a pencil to assure you that theres still people you live and they live you back. Even thoe your an itiotic ding bat
    God bless Mr.SWANSON
    Xoxo Ness Swanson-Noah

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